Monday, October 24, 2011

"Tebow-Mania" ... Enough.

Unbelievable. Tim Tebow, through three quarters, mustered up a meager 24 yards through the air in Miami on Sunday. Pete Prisco, a writer for CBS, tweeted that he couldn't believe Josh McDaniels wasted a 1st Round pick on Tebow. Numerous writers had an abundance of negative things to say regarding Tebow's performance through three quarters; he wasn't making plays.

Personally, I even joked during the game that while usually I'd rather watch any single NFL game rather than any other major sporting event, in this instance, I'd rather watch Pro Bowling instead of Miami vs. Denver.

However, down 15 points in the 4th quarter, Tebow led the Broncos to an unlikely comeback win with under three minutes to play. You could see this coming. I picked Denver to win this game because I knew it'd be an ugly game, as both Offenses are less than stellar - to say the least. If Tebow has a fighting chance to win an ugly game late, he finds a way to do so. And he did, yet again.

"Tebow-Mania" is unlike any situation I've ever seen surrounding any single player. After a win like this, Tebow backers will come out of the woodwork with the "I told you so" approach, and immediately turn to the "this guy is a winner" reasoning. One good thing I'll say about Tebow is that there's definitely something about him that his teammates rally around; he gives his teammates real hope whenever he's on the field. Down late in a game, Tebow and his teammates won't flinch because they've seen him pull off the impossible before.

However, what really bothers me about Tebow is when he wins games or does absolutely anything positive, it's the biggest news in the sports world. I understand that this guy was college football's "golden boy" for four years and in a world where players always seem to find trouble off the field, Tebow represents exactly what you want your team leader's image to be. But based on what we saw from Tebow on the field, this should be merely a side story from Week 7 of the NFL season.

On Sunday, we saw two Quarterbacks play almost flawless football; Aaron Rodgers scorched the Vikings, and Drew Brees carved up the Colts. In the first half, Rodgers had three incompletions - two blatant drops and a spike to stop the clock. Drew Brees finished his game against Indianapolis with as many touchdown passes (5) as incompletions. Each player had a passer rating of well over 100, and both are averaging well over 300 yards per game through 7 contests.

Why is it that Tim Tebow is a bigger story than either of the two aforementioned passers? It doesn't make any sense. Tebow led his (previously) 1-4 Broncos to a frantic, comeback win over the (previously) 0-6 Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins, who haven't played well all season, are currently playing with their backup QB Matt Moore. Tim Tebow beat Matt Moore in Overtime. Period. Congratulations Tebow, I respect the comeback win. But seriously people, be a realist and take this game for what it's worth - one bad team beat another bad team. Enough said.

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